Jim's 60th Birthday extravaganza on the Kalmar Nyckel 

For Jim's 60th birthday, Rita threw a surprise party and invited 49 friends and family to a sunset cruise from Olde New Castle on the Kalmar Nyckel.  This ship is a reconstruction of the Dutch/Swedish vessel carrying the  first settlers to Delaware in 1638.  Jim completed sail training this spring, having learned knots, rigging methods, heaving lines, hauling chanteys, belaying techniques and the location of a FRACTION of the >150 lines used on the ship.  The 8 sails and 9 yards--the whole 9 yards-- are rigged using using  halyards,  jeers, clews, lifts, leeches, tacks, braces, sheets, buntlines, bowlines, brayles, bonnet tails .... A really cool ship, crewed by 4 professionals and lots of volunteers. A wonderful surprise!  

Click on the photos to see them full size.

Pictures are by Gene McCoy