Description of 30 The Strand

            The house has a brick 2 story 2 pile (2 rooms deep)  front section with a half passage, connected by a covered stairway section (piazza), to a 2 story  service section that contained a kitchen and probable sleeping rooms above.  These sections are marked 1a, 1b, and 1c on the northeast elevation.  They are attached to a later kitchen section (marked 2) probably added before the 1860s,  a shed which existed some time before 1886 (marked 3) and a modern kitchen added in 1965 (marked 4).  The front section has a steep side gabled cedar shingled roof.  The middle and back section have standing seam metal roofs.

            The front is of the three bay asymmetric design.  The front door is reached by 5 marble steps.  Its windows have slightly projected wooden lintels nd sills.  There is a fan light with a few remaining pieces of tracery added to the (out)(in)side of the windows.  The cornice is corbelled and dentilated.  In keeping with the Federal (Adam) style, there are no horizontal elements such as string course or water table. 

            There are 2 relieving arches in the basement supporting the 2 chimney stacks in the front parlors (which have 3 fireplaces each).  A double relieving arch is in the back of the basement supporting the kitchen hearth and a possible removed fireplace element.