Walker's Mill and Bank Houses


Walker's Mill on the Brandwine is 3 miles from the center of Wilmington, DE. It was built in 1813-1816 as a cotton mill, along with 4 "bank houses" to house workers and their families.  The buildings stretched along the water across the river from Henry Clay Village  also known as Rising Sun.  The Walker's Mill area had both an industrial and residential character throughout the 1800's.  Adjacent to it downstream was the Dupont Co. "lower yard" gunpowder works. Adjacent upstream (near the modern Tyler-McConnell bridge) was a Dupont keg factory. Main Street in Henry Clay Village was accessible after a bridge was built in 1833. Ajacent to Henry Clay (across from Walkers Mill and slightly upstream) was the main Hagley yard and surrounding Squirrel Run worker housing.

 The mill is possibly the most photographed building in Delaware.

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