Architectural and Historical description of 30 The Strand, New Castle DE
A fine Federal Style townhouse


Elevations, Plan and  Descriptions
Elevations: Front (SE),  NE side  (from roof) , SW side and back
    Plan (2004), footprint (1886)
    Description of major features

Historical Context
    Title chain to 1836, according to  Jeannette Eckman (1953?)
    Grants – Andriessen (1656),   James  Duke of York (1664), Bernard Ekon  (Eken, Ekin,  1669)
    Latrobe Survey (1804)-- plan, elevation
   Fire of 1824
    Census records—who lived there 1830, 1850, 1880, 1920
            (varying information – numbers, age, race, occupation, names)
    McCullough family graves
    Sheriff’s sale of McCullough goods
    Title chain, wills and probate records 1846-1965
    Similar Philadelphia townhouse types
    3 Bay Philadelphia townhouses

Current Neighborhood Context
     Houses on McCullough’s Row (25-33 The Strand)
Nearby houses on Latrobe Survey (1803)
  Neighbors down (Read House) and up the street.

Architectural Details
    Relieving arches
    Mantle brackets
    Trim on windows, doors, fireplaces  in parlors and bedrooms
    Brickwork, bonds
    Joists, rafters
    Hardware: screws, nails, locks, window catches